IT Project Delivery

We are a social enterprise that helps companies make an impact when delivering on IT projects.

With a specialisation in IT Projects, delivery is at the centre of everything we do. Without successful delivery, we make no positive change. As a specialist recruitment and professional services company, we partner with the best available talent at any given time with experience and capability across all ICT verticals.

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Project Delvery

Delivery is at the centre of everything we do.

Without successful delivery, we make nopositive change. With technical recruitment in our DNA, we partner with the

bestavailable project consultants with experience delivering solutions across all ICT verticals.We align the right skillsets and attitudes to deliver the desired outcomes.

Our engagement options are flexible and designed to work within your organisation'sneeds and risk appetite.

Engagement Options

Option Description Risk Held By
Time & Materials Provision of consultants on an agreed daily rate. Client
Capped Time & Materials Negotiated cap on the number of hours where, if CirqleGroup exceeds the number of agreed hours, the client doesnot pay for the overage. Client & Cirqle Group
Risk Reward The parties agree to deliver a project or outcome for anagreed price. If the project is finished on time and underbudget, the balance is shared between the parties. Client & Cirqle Group
Fixed Price Agreed up-front scope and set of deliverables at a pre-defined cost to the client, against agreed timeframes. Client

We Specialise In

  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Program & Project Management
  • Product Management & Development
  • Solutions & Enterprise Architecture
  • Business & Systems Analysis
  • Infrastructure & Cloud
  • Network & Systems Administration
  • BI & Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning Engineering

Track Record