9 Tips for Crafting the Best Possible Job Ads

  • February 22, 2020

Are you struggling to capture the attention of top talent with your job ads? Don't worry, you're not alone. The recruitment landscape is full of competitors, but it's time to rise above the noise and master the art of job ad creation.

1. Keep your job titles clear and straightforward. Cryptic titles can confuse and deter job seekers. Use recognisable and searchable titles to ensure your ad is easily found.

2. Swap a demanding checklist for a supportive narrative. Highlight how your organisation will back the candidate's career, fostering more quality applications. Don't be afraid to show that your company is the best workplace. Ads with a supportive tone are proven to attract three times more candidates.

3. Address the reader directly using "you" to create a personal connection. This simple change shifts the focus from a generic applicant to the individual reader, increasing engagement.

4. Sell the Position. Imagine pitching the job in person. Use vivid storytelling to give candidates a taste of your company culture and the role's impact. Be bold and showcase your company's strengths. For example, "Join us as a project lead, where you'll steer pivotal projects to success with our bespoke professional development program."

5. Highlight Key Aspects. Emphasise important elements by bolding key terms. This helps candidates quickly identify the essential qualifications and perks, improving application rates.

6. Incorporate Visuals. A picture is worth a thousand words — adding images to your job posting can significantly boost appeal. Showcase your vibrant team, inviting workspace, or innovative products to attract visually oriented candidates.

7. Use Headings for Structure. Break up text with clear headings for better readability. This organises the job ad and helps candidates find relevant information swiftly.

8. Distinguish Must-Haves from Nice-to-Haves. Clearly differentiate between essential skills and those that are a bonus. This clarity encourages a broader range of qualified candidates to apply.

9. Disclose the Salary. Be upfront about the compensation package at the end of your ad. This transparency respects the candidate's time and aligns expectations from the start.

In a nutshell, creating effective job ads is about clear communication, respect for the candidate's needs, and accurately portraying the role and your company. Implement these strategies with confidence and watch the quality and quantity of your applicants rise.