CV Red and Green Flags in Tech Hiring

  • August 17, 2023

In the competitive tech job market, pinpointing the ideal candidate is critical. A CV is a window into a candidate's compatibility with your team and company culture. Understanding the warning signs (red flags) and positive indicators (green flags) on a CV can be instrumental in making informed hiring decisions and wasting valuable time.


Understanding Red Flags on Tech CVs

  1. Skills Mismatch: The absence of essential technical skills for the role is a glaring red flag. Prospective hires should demonstrate competencies that align with the job’s current technical demands.
  2. Frequent Job Hopping: A history of short stints at companies may signal a lack of commitment or indicate potential issues in past roles unless the candidate has been contracting.
  3. Outdated Technological Expertise: Candidates whose expertise is locked in past technologies, with no evidence of adaptation, might not be well-equipped to drive future innovations.
  4. Inconsistencies and Gaps: Unexplained employment gaps or discrepancies between a candidate’s CV and their online professional profiles warrant a closer look to ensure accuracy.
  5. Lack of Attention to Detail: Typos and poor formatting on a CV can suggest a candidate's lack of precision.


Spotting Green Flags on Tech CVs

  1. Relevant Technical Qualifications: Listing current certifications and qualifications showcases a candidate’s foundation in the field and commitment to staying updated with industry trends.
  2. Career Advancement: A clear trajectory of professional growth and increasing responsibility on a CV indicates a candidate's potential for long-term contribution and leadership.
  3. Quantifiable Achievements: Outlining specific projects with measurable outcomes highlights candidates' ability to execute and drive results using their technical skillset.
  4. Ongoing Learning: Evidence of recent training or self-improvement efforts, especially in new technologies or methodologies, suggests a candidate’s dedication to professional growth.
  5. Soft Skills Showcase: While technical understanding is crucial, mentions of teamwork, problem-solving, and practical communication point to a well-rounded candidate who can thrive in collaborative environments.


In a high pressure delivery environment, the right hire can be the difference delivering on time or late. By paying attention to these red and green flags on CVs, employers can enhance their recruitment strategy, ensuring they attract not just a skilled technician but a team player.