Following Up After the Interview: Best Practices

  • February 2, 2024

The post-interview phase is as critical as the preparation leading up to it. Your follow-up can demonstrate professionalism and interest and keep you top-of-mind with the hiring team. Here's how to navigate the delicate art of post-interview follow-up with assertiveness and effectiveness.

1. Timing Your Follow-Up:

Immediate Thank-You: Send an email within 24 hours of your interview to express gratitude and reiterate your interest.

Reminder Interval: A polite follow-up after a week is acceptable if you haven't heard back within the time frame provided.

2. Crafting Your Thank-You Note:

Personalisation: Address the interviewer by name and reference specific topics or discussions from the interview.

Conciseness: Keep your message brief and to the point while conveying warmth and appreciation.

3. Demonstrating Continued Interest:

Enthusiasm: Clearly state your continued interest in the role and the company.

Value Proposition: Reaffirm how your skills and experience make you a strong fit for the position.

4. Addressing Any Concerns:

Clarification: If any questions or concerns were raised during the interview that you've reflected on further, address them concisely in your follow-up.

Additional Information: Offer any new developments or accomplishments since the interview that may bolster your candidacy.

5. The Waiting Period:

Patience: Understand that the hiring process often takes longer than expected. But don't be afraid to follow up and ask for a status update.

Engagement: Stay engaged with the company during the waiting period by following them on social media and keeping up with their news.

6. Seeking Feedback:

Request for Insights: If you're informed that you haven't been selected, asking for feedback to help with your professional growth is appropriate.

Gracious Acceptance: Regardless of the outcome, respond graciously. Thank the interviewer for their time and consideration.

7. Keeping the Door Open:

Future Opportunities: Express your interest in staying in touch for any future opportunities that may be a fit.

Professional Network: Consider connecting with the interviewer on LinkedIn to expand your professional network.

The post-interview follow-up is an extension of your interview process—a chance to solidify the positive impression you've made and demonstrate your professionalism. It can set you apart in a competitive field, showcasing your qualifications for the role and your impeccable follow-up etiquette. With these best practices, your post-interview follow-up can enhance your prospects and build lasting professional relationships. Don't be afraid to take charge of your follow-up and assert your interest in the position.